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News Update March 2017 - Industrial and Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT): Market Analysis and Forecasts for Enterprise IoT and IIoT 2017 – 2022

Getting Started with Enterox Cloud ERP & IoT
CRM - Part 1 - Sales Automation
CRM - Part 2 - Marketing Automation & Support
SCM - Purchase, Sales & Inventory Management

Demo & Developer API

Developer Resources - Enterox Cloud API & IoT Devices

"Enterox cloud provides a framework for converting software architecture and design into working business applications though simple configuration and plugins. These configuration and plugins are packaged into different business solutions."

The different configuration settings are categorized into the following two groups:-

  1. Structure and Security settings

    Enterox cloud provides a flexible framework where business information can be organized in structured entities and the platform security settings can be leveraged to provide different level of access and permissions based on user profile.

  2. Layout and Analytics settings

    Similar to the structure and security settings it is also possible to configure the display of information into different sites accessible to different user groups. Also analytics (reports and charts) that are derived from data in the entities. These reports can also be configured specific to the business needs.

Setting up Enterox Cloud for Enterprise Software and Internet of Things is easy as it follows standard practices that allow it to be intuitive for most developers who have a general understanding of web architecture.

Understanding Enterprise IoT with Enterox Cloud requires understanding the three types of entities that are Structure Entities, Security Entities and the Layout (UI) Entities that are explained in the videos. Further a Programming Guide is provided that explains adding custom business logic with entity's CRUD events (Create, Read, Update, Delete actions) and also how to customize data capture and visualization.

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