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Enterox - Enterprise Solutions & Internet of Things

Enterox is a start-up firm with the mission - "Enlighten, Engage and Empower through Technology Innovation".

We are focused on providing high quality enterprise software and solutions to companies with an intent of delivering an enlightening, engaging and empowering user experience.

Along with our own ERP system, we also retail our partner's ERP software and IT services that go with the solutions for our enterprise clients.
Thus we establish an alliance for providing an efficient sales and implementation team for enterprise solution.

Our Partners - ERP Software Companies & Consultancies

Our objective is to deliver the best ERP solutions and IT services to our enterprise customers, for which we provide different options while they choose the right software and service.

In this pursuit, we present our own ERP system and also retail our partner's ERP software and services that go along with the enterprise system we deliver.

We provide a unique business partnership that enables a joint success for companies that are part of a larger ecosystem. Current members of Enterox ecosystem include – Wipro, Tata Telecommunications and Microsoft.

How does it work?

What we deliver is not exactly “a software” but an "enterprise solution" that contains multiple business applications and services that work together in harmony.

If you provide enterprise software or IT services to enterprises and your enterprise application or IT service does a perfect job in addressing specific needs, while also providing API for integration with other systems, we would love to hear more about you.

Enterox Partnership

Know more about “Enterox Partnership” and become a part of a growing alliance of ERP software companies.

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